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ARAG Offers Four Ways to Deal When Your Ex Starts Dating


DES MOINES, IA - Even though you know the relationship is over, you're never quite sure how you'll feel when your former spouse starts dating again. Then the day comes. You find out your ex has brought a new person into your children's life and you're taken back. You don't know what to do, how to feel or what to say. Alexa Mason, a single mom who contributes to, offers a few ideas on how to cope when this day comes into your life.

ARAG Offers Four Tips to Help You Balance Your Job with Your Divorce


DES MOINES, IA - The work/life balance may never be tougher than when you're going through a divorce. The latest post from Andria, one of the contributors to offers four questions to consider to help you make the right decisions for you.

ARAG Offers Five Tips to Help Prevent Medical Identity Theft


DES MOINES, IA - You monitor your credit reports to protect your financial identity. You monitor social media to protect your online reputation. You may also want to monitor the information you routinely provide medical providers, such as your address, Social Security number and insurance provider. The threat isn't just financial: if another person's information is mixed with yours, your medical records – and treatments – may be affected.

ARAG Offers Three Tips to Help Spruce Up Your Home on a Budget


DES MOINES, IA - If you've moved into a new home, there may be a few design elements to change. Alexa Mason, a single mom who contributes to SupportInASplit, offers a few tips to make money go a little farther while making a new place feel more like home.

ARAG Donates $200,000 to New Wellmark YMCA in Downtown Des Moines


Des Moines, IA – ARAG®, a global provider of legal solutions, today announced a $200,000 donation to the Wellmark® YMCA in downtown Des Moines. ARAG joins a list of other prominent Iowa companies supporting the construction of this new endeavor.

ARAG offers the Best Celebrity Legal Mishaps in 2013


DES MOINES, IA – While the headlines in 2013 were filled with sordid details of the rich and famous, there were lessons to learn from those who handled their legal issues well. ARAG® offers the top legal issues facing most Americans – and the celebrities who handled them best in 2013.

ARAG Offers Three Great Gifts You Can Give Your Divorcing Friend This Holiday


DES MOINES, IA - When you get together with friends and family this holiday, your friend who is going through a split will bring lots of emotions to the table. Whether he or she is hurting or ready to move on and celebrate, here are three special gifts you can give.

ARAG Offers How to Help Your Divorcing Friend Understand Divorce and Credit


DES MOINES, IA - Credit problems are not uncommon during divorce. Most problems arise because people don't realize that if money is owed on joint accounts both parties are responsible for paying it back - no matter what the divorce decree says.

ARAG Offers Five Practical Ways to Help Your Divorcing Friend Cope With Anxiety


DES MOINES, IA - Your friend who is getting divorced will definitely experience worry and fear at some point. At best, these feelings are there to protect, and even motivate. However, unrelenting and/or irrational worry can be paralyzing. Nancy Schornack, a licensed mental health counselor and contributor to Support in a provides a basic understanding of anxiety and practical ideas on how to help diffuse it.

Thanksgiving – Food, Family and the Tough Conversation You Can't Avoid


DES MOINES, IA – While stuffing a turkey may seem unrelated to legacy planning, the long Thanksgiving weekend, with all your loved ones gathered, may be a good time to have an essential conversation about end of life issues. The holiday is a good time to notice how everyone acts when they're together – and realize how your decisions, and the discussion you have about those decisions, will affect them when you're gone.

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